Monday, February 28, 2011

Talisman Skiing

After a pretty normal week back home in Goderich, I took off again on Friday morning.  I picked up Mike bright and early at 5:50 am with two half coffee, half hot chocolates and it was off to Brookside Public School.  30 kids were making the sojourn to Kimberly, Ontario to tackle the Talisman ski hill.  I would chaperone with 3 other of Brookside's finest; Mike Beddow, Larry Grail and Kim Liddle.  I know a bit about skiing and a bit about kids....  I'd be a perfect fit in the mix.
All in all the day was another success and great fun.  Red Mountain would blow the brains out of the kids head's in terms of its terrain and excitement obviously, but Talisman is what it is, and for all intensive purposes, it suits the needs of everyone quite well.  I probably skied the least out of everyone.  I hung out in the lodge and tried to reach my goal of 4 of the above mentioned libations (half coffee half hot chocolate) and I scarcely saw students just hanging out or not having fun.  So there you go.

So I can't complain too much.  I got to go skiing and hang out with great people.  Sure, I didn't hit Powder Fields or Booty's (or Prison Break = Joel) but no broken bones and lots of fresh air. 

Oh, the Bruce/Huron County Allstar Ski team had its team challenge and I got some superb footage:

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