Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Added Information

I thought I should maybe tie up some loose ends and finish some stories which have started.

1.  Stick in the mouth incident.
Obviously it has healed up no problem.  Although I haven't shaved since then so I am not too sure if there is a scar or not.  I am pretty sure there isn't.  But the speed-bag who hit me had his own misfortune of sorts this past weekend! 

He was playing in the pond hockey tournament.  I saw him drinking a beer outside of the fenced beer garden area - no big deal, what do I care.  Anyway he ended up getting an open liquor charge which is about $220 out here.  But the thing of it was the RCMP officer gave him two warnings.  So on the 3rd time back to talk to this guy about his lawlessness, he got out his ticket book and went to work.  Oh well.  Sorry about your luck buddy.

2.  Pond hockey tournament.
Trevor's team lost in their recreational final game.  It went to overtime and they were up against a tough team.  It was well played.  I thought the other team might have been a bit better anyway.  But it was close.  I printed off 6 copies of their team photo which was on the blog, and went to the Dollar-Rama and got some frames.  I will give each guy a copy of the picture with a frame that they can stick on the refridgerator.    

3.  Thanking Sherry Hodges.
I have got a few emails from Sherry saying how she has liked the blog and has been reading it.  Thanks Sherry.  I appreciate the emails and I am glad you like it.  I have some great Sherry Hodges stories.  It was over to Sherry's were Shelly and I first ever went out (kind-of, sort-of....).  It was a Friday night and Sherry called and said come on over for Chinese food - I said Shelly's over, and Sherry said well bring her over too!  And the rest is history.

And I have known Sherry for a while, but I remember Sherry the first time we met (agian) at Victoria Public School.  You were working half at Victoria and half at Robertson.  I started about 8 days after the school year started at Victoria - And I remember you welcoming me and saying hi in that skinny hallway off of the photocopier.  I thought it was pretty cool working with Sherry Hodges - that's for sure. 

4.  Twins
I am still having a good deal of problems telling one from the other.  Sometimes one likes me more then the other one, but then the next time I am over there has been a role reversal.  One day I am over and Cole is not feeling well and grumpy, then the next day it is Grayson.....  Cole usually wears red and Grayson blue, but again, that isn't always the case.  They always have discernable outdoor clothing on - which is easy.  I took Grayson for a pull on the GT Snowracer yesterday and he thought that was pretty cool.  But next time I am over he might think otherwise.....  Who knows?

And two more shots - I think Cole is in the light blue sweater and Grayson is in the darker blue.

But more often then not they both think a great deal of me most of the time.  I stuff oranges down their mouths which they both love, I get them drinks, they both love to play with trucks, and lastly they would be at a total loss without books and reading.  Good on you two!

5.  John Heintz race.
Well, the legend is definately not growing out here - no surprise.  But there was a funny bit in the local paper.  They interviewed a guy who was on the winning team and he was making references about the race and how tough it is for him because he is usually looking after a kid or two and just has other things on the go, but he only did one of the 5 disciplines....  (His last name is Banks, and the organizor's last name is Wallace.)  To plagerize it went like this:

Banks added, "What's really impressive is the guy who did it by himself in 27 minutes.  By yourself, that's amazing."

"Drew, that's all he put down," Wallace said, referring to her notes.

"Twenty six minutes.  Wow, that Drew guy was really fast!"

Again, I suppose you have to read the whole article to get the context and such.  Maybe then it is funnier.

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