Thursday, March 3, 2011

Saturday Night Special

This past Saturday night Joe, Julie, and their two boys Ben & Eli came over for super.  We had ribs and scalloped potatoes.  There was also a nice greek salad and some great dessert which included apple crisp and ice cream.  I hadn't seen them in a while....  Since they live nearly next door to us, it seemed rather appropriate they come over and have a scoff with us.

As Joe and I warmed up the instruments, the girls made some crafts with the kids.  When the crafting was done and the instruments were sufficiently primed the four of us belted out the tunes for another 30 mins. 

Joe can certainly hold his own on the guitar and with a harmonica.  He sings great as well.  Shelly was rocking the vocal chords providing great harmonies and Julie is a fine singer and kept the beat with a percussion shaker.  Even the kids joined in with some impromptu pencil drumming on the furniture.  Me, well, there isn't too much to brag about.  It seems my talents lie else where and with other activities.  I scratched along on the 12 string which has a nice bright sound, even while I am playing!

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