Sunday, February 6, 2011

BC Pond Hockey Championships

I should start by writing I did not play, unfortunately..... 

The two awesome rinks in town played host to the fun and excitement as the title mentions.  There are 3 divisions; a women's, a competitive men's division, and a recreational men's division.  The games started on Friday night and they are finishing up on Sunday afternoon.  Fans are treated to great hockey, a beer gardens, a good BBQ stand set up by a Hospice group, great weather, and a few fires to keep warm. 

Most of the recreational teams were just that.  They had sillier uniforms and their talent wasn't as sharp.  The Tighty Whities, for example, wore white underware over their equipment.  There was a team from Nelson, BC who wore Flanel Lumberjack style jackets.  I think they were happy on Friday night playing in the colder weather, but on Saturday afternoon when it was about 4 degrees and the sun was pounding the ice surface, it maybe wasn't the best choice.  But they looked great.

The best team I saw play did it up good too with their uniforms.  They definately had game and style.  Matching pants, shirts, and red helmets were their colours.  They only brought 5 players, even though you are allowed 6.  (4 players on the ice....)  But their most intimidatory aspect was when they took out their teeth before the game.  When see your opponents are taking out their teeth, you are playing some serious hockey guys.  Winning teams had to scrape the ice after each game.

Trevor's team is doing quite well.  They've won their 3 games so far and will play in the recreational final on Sunday at noon.  Paul Coffee, Rick Vaive, Jimmy Carson, Eric Lindros, Dale Hawerchuck and Trevor on the far right is the team.  I suppose they don't need a Drew Macaulay after all.  Good luck guys.

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