Thursday, February 17, 2011

Holy Crap!

La Salle, Ontario baby!  Thursday night at 7:30.....  On Wednesday I hit about 1,400 km.  I got all the way to La Crosse, WI.  It was fantastic driving throughout the day.  But the last 3 hours wasn't that great = dense fog.  And today I only had 1,000km to get to Hahner's and Kate's.  Awesome.  Beers.  Pizza.  Close to home.  Katie.  HAHNER!

Very, very glad to get here safe and sound.

There isn't really anything profound to mention about the last 2,400km.  South Dakota is hilly in the west, but flat as you get east.  Obviously not rockies hilly, but rolling hills.  The pavement was smooth and true.   I was really happy to see signs for Deadwood and Yankton because of the HBO series I have been watching called Deadwood.  It reminded me of Joel.  I also stopped at this neat store called Wall Drug in Wall, SD. 

Minnesota was forgettable and didn't leave an impression on me.

Wisconsin reminded me a lot, a lot of southern Ontario.  It is appropriately called The Dairyland State.  There was lots of farming and corn fields.  Very flat.  Pollitically, there is big news from the govenor taking away the right for civil servants to collective bargain.  SHAME!  Schools were cancelled because a large number of teachers had rang in sick in protest....   13,000 people were at a protest in Madison to voice their disappointment.  Good luck brothers and sisters in Wisconsin.

I drove through Chicago right at noon and there was no problems.  The traffic was heavy, but I stayed the course on I-90, paid a few tools, and drove through without any problems.  The problems did occur once I got into Indiana.  I got wheeled by a cop.

The cop came to  the window and got my ID and said why don't you come back to the car.  I did.  I didn't care.  I wasn't speeding, following too closely, or anything....  So I was in the drivers side of the cruiser and he was just doing his job.  We engaged in chit-chat.  He was really interested about BC bud (weed).  He said he saw a program on television and everybody smokes it.  I told him he shouldn't believe everything he saw on TV - Come on.....  I gave him the 2 cent version of my story....  He listened attentively.  It was actually more like the 5 cent version as I had just been solo in the car for the past 3,000km = I was dying to talk to someone.  After it was all said and done he let me go without a warning or a charge or anything obviously and said two things. 

1.  I should have been a teacher.
2.  Are you sure you don't have any BC bud.....

What a guy. 

The real bad news east of Chicago was a 2 hr traffic tie up on I-94.  I went 10km in a shade over 90 mins.  Oh well.  I was glad I wasn't in it.  Perhaps that copper wheel'n me and chatting me up for 15 minutes as he ran my vitals saved my skin from a potential accident.  Who knows.

But by 7:30 I was over the Ambassador Bridge and into La Salle finding my way around .  It is difficult in the dark, but doable.

So I will be in Goderich on Friday.  Excellent.

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  1. It was a bummer you didn't have any of your BC buds with ya Drew! Sorry I scooted out of there without saying goodbye but wanted to let you know you were a hell of a roommate and contributed to the best winter of my life. Thanks!


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