Monday, February 21, 2011

Home Sweet Home

The story does not end - But it is dam nice to be back, truly back home.

Andy and I woke up early on Friday morning and went for a run.  It was dark, but about 12 degrees centigrade.  Pretty warm.  Anyway we had a fantastic run and got back to the house.  As Andy and Kate's day started with young Max, I just poked around the house and leisurely got myself ready for the easiest 275km of driving yet to do.  I packed up and had a bite to eat and pushed off.  Thanks again Kate and Andy for the harbour.

I got into Goderich and went straight over to my mom's office and we went for lunch at Bluewater Pizza.  It is a bi-monthly tradition of sorts for us.  I hadn't seen my mom in about 3 months, but she was well aware of the events and happenings, of course, of the days gone by.  So even though there was a lot to chat about, it wasn't like she was incognizant of my Rossland adventures.  She was mostly keen to hear of news from Trevor and his family.  So I filled in any missing bits of information I could offer.

After lunch and that visit I stopped into my grandmothers for a hello.  Not being as computer savy, she wanted to hear more news and information because she hadn't really been on the blog.  No matter.  I filled her in with the tales and highlights of the trip.

I pulled a ringer around the square in Goderich and saw Brittany.....  And I thought maybe, just maybe my buddy Steve might be at work.  Sure enough, I walked into the OPP detachment and the first feller I saw was my trusty running sidekick and confidant Beaser.  He was pretty busy though, so I stayed for a quick 10 minute hello and we will resume our ramblings until another time....

So I guess I have seen pretty much everyone except for the cat Mango = And my sweet, sweet, sweet baby Shelly.  Mango ran away when I walked into the house to unload my stuff and hid under the bed.

I walked over to the high school and met up with Shelly after 3:00.  It was great to see her.  The last time I saw her personally was on New Years Eve day = I dropped her off at the Kelowna aeroport to fly home.  A few high fives later, we were back together like peas and carrots.  It was like I never left..... 

So the story does not end = I have lots of stuff to add and I will keep updating the blog.  I have another 6 months off with my sabatical!  There is a new house purchase to write about and add pictures of.  I have some more travels and adventures.  Two more ski trips for sure.....  And who knows what else news.  I'll make something up if I get in a dry spell.

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