Saturday, February 12, 2011

All Together

The whole fam-damily has got together in Rossland, BC.  The Ontario group of dad and Wendy made it to the Castlegar aeroport on Thursday while the Georgia group of Marsha, Jeff, Locke and Alden made it to the Spokane aeroport.  Trevor, Tara, Cole, Grayson, and I all met up at the Lodge.  Unreal.....  It is virtually impossible for us all to pose for a photo together.  It has been fun trying!
I don't know who has been the ultimate child-minder with 4 kids under 4.  Well, I do know it hasn't been me.  Tara got plenty of looks walking around the base of the hill with Alden as such.  Twin boys on both hands and this busting out of the down jacket!  She saw a few friends who wondered where this extra appendage came from.....  Marsha, Trevor, dad, Jeff and I skied for a few hours as Wendy and Tara reared the young.

The condo is really nice at the lodge.  It has three full bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a big living room and a nice deck with a 6 person hot tub.  We are cooking all of the meals here and eating lunches and breakfasts too as it has a huge kitchen and dining area.
I tried to get Locke into the picture as well = but alas....  Kids can be fickle as I am learning quickly out here.  Grayson is on the left, Cole is on the right, and Alden is smack-dab in the middle.

Father and daughter - at the base of Red Mountain.

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