Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Facts and Stats

There is a function that tracks the number of visitors to this blog, where they are viewing it from, and what operating system they are using.  It even breaks it down daily, weekly, monthly and from what country. 

Tuesdays and Wednesdays seem to be the most popular days people view the blog, (Thursdays and Fridays being the least popular,) Canada is the most popular country, and Internet Explorer is the most popular browser.  I have had just under 2,000 visitors, most being repeats for sure, to the blog since September.  I average about 20 people per day on the site, but during October and November I didn't even really average 5 = there was nothing really too interesting to write about.  In September it was up over 30 people daily on the site.

I am having fun writing and posting things.  I hope you are having fun reading the information and looking at the pictures and watching the video. 

It goes:
1,666 Canadians
162 Americans (many Georgians I am sure...)
19 from the U.K. (The Queen maybe?)
18 from Australia (Yo Stano and Mick! G'day mates.)
10 Kiwi's (Ngaire Sheppard obviously.  How's the new baby?)
7 Malaysians (?)
6 Irish (probably a girl named Mary and a feller named Paddy?)
4 Germans (Danke!)
3 Singapore
2 France (A Pierre for sure...)

Well I'll keep at it, and keep a good account of the last few weeks I am out here.  Thanks for visiting and checking out what is going on.


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