Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Play Day With Acadia

Rich & Terresa were in a bit of a bind, so uncle awesome was called in for duty.  I headed down to Guelph on Monday night, and on Tuesday morning I was back in action.  Acadia is pretty easy to manage, so it was much of a hassle at all.

So we had to decide what to do.  The Guelph Rec Complex is only about 1 mile away and it houses a library, swimming pool and an ice rink.  Acadia really wanted to play some hockey, so I thought that would be an all right activity for 45 minutes or so.  Then a swim and over to the library.  I called the complex though and they were taking the ice out for the summer, so that plan was nixed.  We could still hit the pool for a swim, but I asked Acadia and she thought about hitting Bingeman's in Kitchener to have a go at the indoor playground.  So it was off to Kitchener.

It is quite the spectacle, this Bingeman's Fun Workx.  There was a climbing wall, arcade, and ropes course, but we just concentrated on the Jungle gym apparatus.  It had slides, a ball area, compressed air stuff and othe similar kid-friendly play things.  Mostly Acadia jumped and slid around by herself very happily, and I joined in for a bit of fun too.  Why not.  When in Rome you know.

So some pretty big travel news and I can't wait to get on the trip and post some pictures and stories.  I am off to New York City on Saturday until Thursday, then taking the bus up to Boston to meet up with Beaser and help him out with the marathon.  I'll be on the road from April 9th to the 21st or so.  It should be notable enough!  I am looking forward to it.

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