Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I can't even begin to remember and type about all of the awesome stuff during the past 72 hours.  NYC is fantastic.  The key, right off the bat, was paying for the $87 3 day, nearly unlimited tour of the city.  The best part about it, or one of the best, is the fact that it is narrated by highly energetic and knowledgable people.  The folks just know oodles, and oodles of informative information. We've bussed the entire Manhattan area which is about 22 square miles and took the harbour tour for 90 minutes.  So on the third day we can back-track and concentrate on key parts of the city.  I have no idea where I'll start on Wednesday.  It is ALL terrific.  5 days wouldn't even do this place justice.

On Monday we concentrated in lower Manhattan which is China Town, SOHO, Wall Street, Battery Park, WTC area, and a few others.  The day started cool, but by mid afternoon it was a great 18 degrees and sunny!  We also went up the Empire State Building.  Too many things to mention. 

The city is fantastically clean.  Tulips are all potted and in bloom throughout the city and the trees are in bud throughout Central Park.  The city is also very reasonably priced in terms of beer and food.  We are eating and drinking just above being "cheap".....  The hotel is in am ideal location directly across from Madison Square Gardens.....  It is old.  But no complaints from this vagabond.

My travel partners are keen and enthusiastic.  Their seniority in age is of no handicap whatsoever.  They walk about and find adventure like a youth half of their ages.  We are getting on without any issues.

Today, Tuesday, wasn't a great weather day as it rained quite steadily from 11:30 until 3:00 or so.  It was also only 50 degrees farenheight.  However we were in a roofed double-decker bus for much of that time, and James, the orator, had us ingrossed with probably only one tenth of what he knew about Uptown - Central Park and north there of.  Unbelievable.

So this posting could go on and on - But one really needs to visit NYC for themselves and suss out the action for themselves.

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