Sunday, April 17, 2011

In Boston

Boston juggling talent!

I got to Boston on Friday with ease.  I took the MegaBus for $19 from NYC-BOS.  Great price, on time, and good service.  The bus was a double decker highway cruiser.  It had internet access the whole way too.  The trip was a bit over 4 hours....   I had to take a few changes here and there on Boston's "T" public transit, but got out to the hotel with relative ease.  Beaser was here waiting for me.  Let another adventure begin.

To cut to the case and the important details, I am going to be running in the Marathon on Monday.  I snagged an entry bib from a very injured Rob from London.  He came with his buddies, but running will not be an option for him.  I have taken the computerized tracking chip out of the bib.  Rob/me, will not have an "official" time at the finish, nor will I be tracked throughout the race because I don't have this computer chip.  But I plan on starting and finishing with everyone else.  The race is in 12 hours from now, me typing.  I am not too worried or concered.  I will run with the Beaser and finish within 3 hours.  Hopefully.

Boston really is manic this weekend.  10s of thousands of people are about the town purposely for the race.  Plus there were two playoff Bruins games, and the Jays are in town too. 

Beaser and I have milled about the expo, and soldiered on a downtown tour as much as possible, but the weather hasn't been that great the past few days.  So we've hit some pubs and sampled the beer and local cuisine.  Nothing epic, but good.  The weather is supposed to be fantastic for the race however.

Boston is a very old city.  There are far less buildings of size as compared to NYC, but it has some unique things that NYC doesn't have.  The most neat thing is the old cemetries throughout the downtown area.  Some of the more odd headstones have really peculiar carvings representing life and death on them.  I was forever reminded and thinking about the novel titled The Given Day as I walked around.  I was thinking about how Denis Lehane described life in the city and its uniqeness post world war one.

So I know I will be a bit beat up and hurting as I write my next post, and there will be no official account of my participation in the race, but I suppose I might as well run while I am here.  It has me thinking of Guffer a bit.  He once told me he has two hole-in-ones while golfing; one of them was in London and he snuck on the course after about the third and aced a hole with no witnesses, and the other was out at Holmesville,again with no witnesses except the dog.  So can I say I have ever run the Boston Marathon?  The answer will be yes, but......

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