Thursday, April 14, 2011

A New York Minute

And this video is not even the weirdest thing I saw - I saw feller walking around the streets with two white rats on his shoulder....

I have learned a lot, like I noted....  I know what a New York minute means = A very quick unit of measurement, specifically time.  Something that happens very quickly.  I guess it is mostly an idiom.  But time does certainly fly here because in about 12 hours I'll be on the road again.  Up to Boston.

What other stories can I write about.

My companions left this morning.  We all went to Grand Central, bought them 3 one way tickets north to White Pains on the Harlem line, and they were off.  Poor Barry still didn't have east or west or north or south figured out.  It was a good thing I did.  Barry could find a puff-ball in September back in the 200 acres of Peirson's bush, but he never quite got the streets and avenues figured out of Gotham.  I go in and out of phases of having poor, to a very poor sense of direction.  Although I feel as if I am getting around NYC as easily as Stuart Little did. 

Today I went for my first run.  My knee has been absolutely killing me.  It has just been stiff and achy since last Thursday.  But today I said the hell with it and hobbled 6 miles I figure.  I ran from Grand Central, a mini loop of Central Park up to the Jackie Kennedy Lake, and back to the hotel on 33rd.  I had a grin on my face in some regards because I was soooo happy to be running, but a grimmace too because of the pain.  The plan was going to be to jump into Boston at mile 16 and run 8 in with the Beaser, but I am just so sore.  Sorry buddy.

Back to the four headless horsemen of the apocalypes....  Barry, Bill, Ambrose and I hit a great bar on Tuesday after for, well, I guess it was 4 pitchers.  A hole called Ruby's or Rudy's.  It was the first bar opened after prohibition. One of the oldest in the city. $7 pitchers and free hotdogs.  It was dark inside and the seats where recovered in duct-tape.  Health and safety inspections are not a priority at this place I doubt.  Oh well.  We had a great time.

On Tuesday we also toured on the City Sights bus and did the Uptown loop.  We passed Columbia University, may famous residential apartments (The Dakota which was where John Lennon was killed), Harlem (east side and west side), and the extremely posh Central Park west residential area.  At night we did the Brooklyn city lights tour, but it was cold and rainy.  Again, there is just too many things of note to mention.

Today, Wednesday, I took a long walk after the run down to the financial district.  I walked Bleeker and Canal streets which were fun.  Washington square was alive with people as the weather was warm and sunny.  I was back to The Battery and took the ferry over to Staten Island to set foot on its expanse.  Another 6 miles of walking I would say.  I took the subway back to the hotel though.  Now, it is just poaching some free internent and loitering in a Starbucks updating the blog and putting out some other flames.

So yes, next post will be from Boston and some thoughts on it.

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