Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another Hockey Injury

Puck in the eye.  First shift on Friday night.  The puck was a bit of a knuckle-baller and my face just so happened to be in the way.  Not as bad as the stick in the mouth back in January though.  The cut is neither as deep or as wide.  And the black eye makes it look kind of cool too.  Still no mask or half face shield.  Maybe next year.

And on Sunday morning it looked like:
I look pretty horrible and don't feel so great either....  I have an annoying cold, there is a monster zit on my forehead, my elbow/tendons in my elbow are on fire, and I have a charley horse in my right thigh which hurts like hell too.  I think that is it.  It is pretty sad actually.  Oh well. 

What else has been going on?  Still picking away at the new farm and cleaning stuff up.  The weather has been bitter cold.  Damingly bitter and cold.

I am pretty near done the course I started in January and I start the second part of it in April.  Not too much you know. 

Shelly and I were out at her folks today and I snapped a few pictures of the ladies out there.  Life is good when you are able to wallow in your fecal matter all day and not care.

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