Saturday, April 9, 2011

On The Road

In Niagara Falls.

I am on the road to New York City with Barry, Bill, and Ambrose.  We got as far as Nigara Falls today.  200 km.  Oh well.  It was a good enough start.  We'll be in the Big Apple by dinner time on Sunday.

Niagara Falls was really busy today.  Since it was about 14 degrees centigrade, it was probably the first real nice day of 2011 and it brought the folks out.  We are at a downtown hotel and walked over to the two sets of falls.  You know, after 5 seconds of looking at them, nothing much changes.  Each 5 second, or 1 second interval for that matter, is the same as the next.  That is the thing with Niagara Falls.  Oh well.

We hit the Casino.  I walked out with the exact same amount I walked in with.  But since I didn't bet anything, that stands to reason.  Ambrose was the big winner of $30, so he bought a picture of beer with dinner.  By ten o'clock we were back in our suite, watched some hockey, and ready for bed.....  Oh well.

So a funny thing happened yesterday.  It was stupid actually, not funny.  I had my truck up on the ramps to do an oil change.  I just got the truck in October.  I had an oil change done out in Trail, BC before driving home and it was time for another one.  So it was the first time I was under it.  It is only an oil change.....

So I get gawking around and I see a pan and the nut.  It was far enough back though, but I didn't know any better.  I take off the nut and place my oil pan, and red fluid, not dirty brown oil comes a gushing out.  Transmission fluid.....  The oil pan and its nut is tucked in under a skid plate on the bottom of the engine hidded away.  Oh well - I finished my oil change properly, walked over to Drew Anderson's, and sorted out my problem.  I had to get 4L of transmission fluid, put it in, and was driving away like a professional mechanic, though a bit humbled by my stupid error.

So yes, lots going on.  It is off to NYC, then to Boston and I'll meet up with Beaser on Friday.  We'll stay in Boston until Tuesday, Beaser will race on Monday, and then make our way home.  Lots of pictures and stories to come.

My redneck belt I had to make the other day out working with a bungee cord!


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