Saturday, April 2, 2016

Big Brothers & Big Sisters Bowling

For the past 4 years, colleagues and I at work support the Huron and Bruce County Big Brother and Big Sister Bowl-A-Thon.  One of the directors of the organization is a retired teacher/principal who worked with someone I work with - and our participation has evolved from that starting point. I don't believe anyone on our bowling team is involved with the organization, but that doesn't mean we can't get active in the bowling end of it.  This year we decided to bowl at the Goderich location.

Each year there is a costume theme.  Superheros, or Hawaiian have been played.  Sports Jersey costume was another, and so on.  Last year it was simple Halloween night.  Our team dressed up as the Village People....  So this year it was an International theme.  We decided to go as Canadian Lumberjacks.  Jeans, plaid shirt, toque and suspenders - almost an everyday get-up for me anyway.  Once again, for the second year in a row, our team won the dress up competition - Although disappointingly not many other teams completed the attire component.  Yes, there was a guy wearing a kilt, and a girl in a Japanese Kimono, but most teams aren't as enthusiastic as we are to dress up.
*Just a partial picture of our fearsome team - myself, Liesa, & Jen

As for the tallies on the night.  $6800 was raised.  There were probably 12 teams.  It was 5 pin bowling, and I think I hit 114 or 104 for my first game.  (But I was at 70 after 4 ends....  then the guttering started.)  We started a second game, but lost interest after a few frames, and chit-chatted with those around us rather then finishing off the punishment.

So that was that.  Today we woke up to 5 cm of snow on the ground.  Molly is going to a friend's birthday - at the bowling alley of all places, Shelly is in the year end co-ed Volleyball tournament, Wally is sleeping, I hit a decent run this morning, and that is about it.

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