Sunday, April 17, 2016

Nicer Weather

With real nice weather, lawn furniture migrated outside, the snowblower moved out to the farm, and generally redundant or useless household items got sorted to be disposed of.  The weekend marked a great opportunity to do those things, and just be outside and enjoy how pleasant it is out.

I got ripping out on the bike with my buddy Drew Anderson.  We started at his place, and went a whopping 6 km into Port Albert to the fish ladder.  The conservation authority was collecting the eggs and sperm from the fish swimming upstream to be fertilized artificially, then released back into nature at the appropriate time.  There was quite the gathering of people watching.  40 or 50 anyway.  It is kind of weird that so many want to watch this "milking" of sorts = but it is all for an educational and resourceful cause.  I didn't get any pictures, although many people were snapping away.  We then hopped back on the bikes, zoomed over to Clinton for a milkshake, then into Goderich.  It was a great day indeed.

Today we loaded up and traveled north into southern Bruce county.  We had a nature walk around Shelly's 1/6 ownership of 117 acres better known as "The Airport".  We were checking out how the fish ponds were doing and had a general inspection of the farm - but didn't get close to walking the entire perimetre.  We hit about a mile loop which is just long enough with Wally.  We didn't see too much - 1 measly fish, and heard a number of partridge.  The farm is in fine condition and we have some rough plans to fashion together a dock to fish of off..... 
Molly and Wally are absolutely zonked this Sunday night - In bed and out cold before 7:00pm.  Molly had some much fresh air this weekend, a sleep over, and just a huge amount of play with her cousins.  Same, but different for Wally.  He is just tired from running around more and being more active on his feet.  Lately the kids have been up early-ish in the morning, but we can usually hold'em tight in their rooms until seven before they get released for the day.

I am continually enjoying and appreciating this time off from work.  I can't say enough about how fantastic it is.  To me, it is worth it.  Looking forward, both Shelly and I signed up for another leave.  It is a two and a half over 3 years.  It will get us out of school in February of 2019 until September 2019.  The one good reason for this timing is, it is the half year before Wally starts junior kindergarten.  He'll already be 4, we can pull him out of the municipal day care he'll be attending, and we can do whatever and whenever before he goes to school. That is a long way away, however it is something to look forward too.

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