Tuesday, April 26, 2016


A few events over the weekend....

Our local labour council organized a Day of Mourning celebration.  The official day to recognize workers who have been killed or injured on the job is April 28th, we seem to do it on a Sunday close to that day.  There were a few guest speakers, some worker representatives from the community, management reps from the mine in Goderich, a bag piper, and just regular people who care to remember....  There is always a speech that is current and up-to-date.  Nary a day goes by in Canada without a worker being killed at work, and it is such a current issue as well.

After that, Molly and I, as well as the neighbour, headed over to the arena in Goderich where the most famous Winnipegarian musician was performing; Fred Penner...  He had all the classics happening like Wheels on the Bus, This Land is Your Land, Skineraminky Dinky Dink, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and all those classics from yesteryear...  The girls where there usual cheery self = best of friends and better enemies.  They love, then hate each other...  So we went together, but they couldn't decide where to sit and who to sit beside.  There was crying and screaming....  Afterwards we went for ice cream and everything seemed fine.  We all got back home and the girls went upstairs to play.  And then the neighbour left and went home.

2hrs after, just putting Molly to bed, there was (washable) marker all over, all bloody over Molly's floor.  The hardwood was scribbled on and marked as two complete donkeys would do.  A few expletives from me, some Spray 9 and paper towels, and it was cleaned up...  However what really got me was that neither kid said anything.  It won't be the last time the two of them get into mischief.  Donkeys - the two of them.

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