Friday, April 15, 2016

Covered Up

I am great at disassembling and tearing down, but when it comes time to putting things together, fixing, troubleshooting, and the like, I am absolutely terrible.  I have no worthy tools for any such job, nor do I have any skill.  I do have inclination though - and that is scary because I have no tools or skills.  However with a brave and steadfast mindset I tackled a project that proclaimed "no drilling", "easy to install", and "mounts to existing hardware".  Seemingly nothing should or could go wrong.

About 1 month ago I bought a new truck.  There isn't really a story here, I had great fortune with the 04 Tacoma.  It took me across Canada, all around Ontario, it moved 6000 plus tires and tonnes of scrap steel.  It was a great vehicle for the years I had it.  However the truck was in a bit of a transition of needing a few new parts and having a few minor creeks and squeaks, so I found this time to be a good opportunity to start new.  Long and short is I got a new 4 door Tacoma.  It is very well equipped with 4 doors, 2 extra from the old one, 6 speed manual, and white.  It has all those 2016 fancy dashboard and steering wheel button controlled gadgets, which I haven't really got into, and it is really nice in my opinion.  So I am more then satisfied.

I had a topper on my old truck, but in this one I thought I would start with a roll up cover to see how it fairs.  Today was the installation day with the promises mentioned in the first paragraph.  All in all it went well.  I had a bit of a struggle clipping some pieces together, but the bar was upside down.  Flip.  And viola.  The instructions were quite clear - The online video helped, but the physical instructions were more helpful to me.  I feel as if I am a way better visual learner, but in this case the job was completed because of the physical instructions. 
It is a great weather day - I even thought about washing the truck, so I turned on the tap in the basement to engage the outside faucet, and wouldn't you know, but there was a huge crack in my outside water line.  Should I get my hammer and go at the broken pipe?  I don't think so.  One repair a day is good enough for me.  Besides I don't think a hammer is going to fix this problem anyway.

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