Thursday, December 24, 2015


Not the kids, but my Quebec Street house sold.  Well, all the conditions were lifted and the closing is on January 6th I think.  I have meant to get over there and take a picture of the "for sale" sign that now indicates SOLD in those big red blocked letters.

These 3 aren't so great at hockey - but give us the Cabot Trail Relay, and can all hold our own.  With me are Josh Kraemer and Rich Tremain.

The real estate agents teamed up on the sale - so between Rick Lobb, whom I worked with 20 years ago at Benmiller Inn, and Jeff Bauer, who lives directly beside the house, they were quarterbacking the deal and got it inked up.  The person who bought the house is getting a real nice place, and I can tell you that there is a tonne of positive energy and good fortune left over in it.

I hit up Guelph the other day to go hang out with a buddy and play some hockey.  Rich had the ice rented for a family fun skate so I dusted off the skates and had a go.  I hadn't been on the ice much in the past year. Anyway it was a fun time, and our other buddy Kites even made it to Guelph to later on in the evening for a bit of holiday cheer.

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