Thursday, December 31, 2015

Blowing Away 2015

This will be it for 2015, and I can say for sure things will continue in 2016 here.

My buddy Drew said come on out in the afternoon before New Years and shoot away all of your/the troubles of 2015.  To be quite honest I didn't really have too many, but the invitation was all I needed.  I grabbed a couple of guns I thought would be needed, and headed out for a few hours.

I have got lots of running in the last month, and that has been good.  I have no running plans for 2016, but given the chance I would like to get into shape so that I could run 34 minutes or so for 10k.  That shouldn't be much of a problem.

I have it on my mind to get on a motorcycle trip as well during 2016.  It won't be until may or June, but that is another goal of mine to accomplish.

I have hit the piano again over the past 2 weeks.  I have quickly resumed to playing C, G and F chords, and am capable enough up to Happy Birthday/Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Easy Christmas carols, and the like....  So I hope to continue with the keys for 2016 and should post a video of my progress.

Finishing off 2015 the kids are super terrific.  I never thought I would write this but Wally has really made a turn for the better.  He is sleeping twice a day, eating a lot, and is mostly agreeable and quite fun to interact with.  What a huge change from the first 8 months of his life.  He loves the bath, but fights and squirms quite a lot while changing him still.  But really excited to see how 2016 goes.

Despite missing a lot of school so far, Molly has really enjoyed it and has improved in all those reading and thinking areas .  I would also say her knowledge of numbers is fine.  She can't really print letters all that well; forming them, their neatness, everything really, but I have a feeling that will change.  She really likes books, being read to, and can rhyme off a good list of 50 or so three and four letter words that are appropriate for her age.

Shelly is really looking forward to going to work next week.  She didn't teach a day in 2015, but will return just as capable as she left the profession back in December of 2014.  I can't speak for her goals for 2016, or her progress as a person in 2015 (though it was more then adequate), she said in passing that she might to a mini or sprint triathlon for fun....  It wouldn't be too much of a problem for her I am sure.

So as for the video, a few Ashfield Township thugs took a baseball bat to Drew's mailbox a few months ago and it was all beat to hell.  So he loaded it up with a mixture of this and that - store bought zombie boom or something, and a .223 round.  Looks like we got the last laugh out of the mailbox fiasco.

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