Thursday, December 24, 2015

Holiday Sing

There are a few more pictures to come, and a write-up, but hosted the Lighthouse Street block party last night and it was well attended.  We squeaked a few Quebec Street residents in the house too - it wasn't a big deal...

I thought of Shelley Worsell last night.  It was noted that Dorthy would have been very happy and pleased that the house was so alive with kids, music, and cheer for a few hours last night.  Shelley said something similar to me a year ago in regards to her being happy if she knew the type of people we are who bought the house....  so anyway.  I know Shelley is reading this and I hope you have a great holiday.

Not everyone could make it, but really glad to have had everyone over who could make it.  Looks like it may just be a yearly tradition.

Shelly sounded terrific on the ivory, and Al Mullin was really on his game with the brass.  I accompanied, briefly, on Jingle Bells, and strummed away fine.

One kind of funny over-lay of events that happened last night was how much postage was exchanged.  So as hosts we got lots of cards and thank yous from the neighbours.  But in that weird, small town way 3, of the couples at the party, myself included, have all lived in each others houses for different amounts of time in the last 6 months.  The Glouscher's lived in my Quebec Street house for 6 months and I still get the odd posting there, and they get the odd posting too.  So there was that exchange.  Kate and Kevin now live in the Glouscher's old house, and the Glouscher's still get the odd posting there.  So, maybe it wasn't too complicated, but it was kind of funny.  And it was one guy's birthday at the party and people were giving him the odd birthday card.

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