Saturday, December 26, 2015


On Christmas Eve we all went over to Don and Janet's, met up with the Coup's, and we had a big dinner.  The kids were at there assigned placings, adults in their spot, and I was wrestling with Wally.  It was just getting on six o'clock and he was absolutely losing his mind, patience, wits, whatever; he was so gone.  Shelly got a decent fill of food and gracefully exited, and Molly and I stayed for another 90 mins to finish dinner, have desert, have another drink, and so on....  We were home by 8:30, and Molly settled into bed after a bit of Santa prep such as writing a note, leaving some cookies, and getting some reindeer food in place.

Shelly and I poked around the house....  We were both quite tired, but thought we'd try a movie....  Asleep before the first antagonist in Die Hard made an appearance.

Molly had asked for skates, some Paw Patrol merchandise, as well as something from Peppa Pig.  She wasn't too specific other then that explanation.  As it happened, there was a sweet pair of Bauer hockey skates under the tree, some Paw Patrol books and toy box, as well as a stuffed Peppa Pig doll.  Molly had either been really good or lucky, we are not quite which.  Very happy with her presents, that was basically it.  There was the token underwear and socks, the toothbrush, and the accompanying paste which makes the gift complete, but it didn't take too long to get things opened.

Wally got a soccer ball, as well as some toys that have wheels and make noise.  He didn't really get too excited, but was a good sport considering it was his first Christmas.

We had a few visitors throughout the morning, I went for a bit of a run, and we had quite a feed.  The weather has been really nice, and there is no snow whatsoever.  I don't think the temperature has really been below freezing either.  There was also a full moon which hasn't happened this time of year for decades I guess.

In the afternoon we made our way up to Lucknow and had a meal with Shelly's brothers and their families, and of course the parents.  That was it.  8 adults and six kids - in a house with a wood furnace just a blasting away.  Some things never change.
My memories of Virgin Gorda continue because Santa delivered some hot sauce from the island, as well as a tea towel!
The one funny thing that happened was Shelly got into her one gift with scissors.  As it would be, the scissors did more then open the package, they halved her item!  She can explain it further if she wants.  It wasn't like it was super expensive or really unique or unusual, it was more the bummer of it....  Oh well, easy come easy go.  I do have the receipt, and the tags are on it still, so I will try to return it and get a new one.

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