Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Day 4 Home

Day 4
Tawas, MI  - Goderich, OM
420km    $16.75 for 6 galllons
$3.50 in tolls

As good as it is to be on the road and touring, it is also nice to know home is near too.  We were quite literally across the lake from home, but it is a big enough pass to make.  The most unfortunate part with the day was the wet, rainy weather that would pelt us for the first 80 minutes or so of the ride.  It was full rain gear on.  It didn't stop raining until Bay City.  I was dry and warm under all my gear.

There was a bit of discussion on what to do and where to go.  But since the rain did let up we decided to go to Frankenmuth, MI to walk around and see the sights.  There is the epic Bronner's Christmas store to see too.  Darin had never been and it is neat enough to visit.  Darin had an extra special reason which was his daughter had a baby yesterday, so he became a grandfather.  I told him it would be a perfect place to find a gift.  There is, quite easily, a few million different things in this store.  It is huge.  Sure enough he found a babies first Christmas ornament.  Sorry Walter - no first Christmas piece for you.
 We got a bit turned around and had to drive on the interstate for 10 km or so.  Michigan should not be proud of the condition of their pavement around the greater Flint area.  It isn't in great shape, and much of it seems to be rippled or corrugated.  Anyway it is terrible for riding a motorcycle on.  So we drove a hundred kilometres or so on Lapeer Road, and it turns in Imlay City highway....  It shoulders I-69.

The other thing about today, and much of the trip in general, was how busy the roads seemed to be.  90 percent of the traveling was not done on interstates, but rather highways and county roads.  They always seemed to have more traffic then expected.  Sure there were times were we where the only two on the road for quite sometime, but that seemed like an exception rather then the rule.  I couldn't believe how much traffic was on the road today, and it was just terrible weather, and the roads weren't primary.  There is just more folks in the states the Canada I suppose.

I wanted to take the ferry crossing down at Sombra back into Ontario, but the rain gear was back on.  It would have to wait for another time.  Instead it was to the Bluewater Bridge, another toll paid, and see-you-later Americans, time to head home.  The funny part about getting to the boarder station was that I got in the wrong lane, and going a bit fast, and I weaved out of it and blasted a big old orange pylon, then dragged it 50 feet or more....  It was funny.  The guy at the booth never said anything.  I chuckled and Darin thought it was funny.

The trip was fantastic.  I had been on some of the roads in the past, however I also got on new surfaces and locations too.  It was a trip to ride during, and we did.  I really enjoyed being with Darin and we got on just fine.  We have very similar styles and dispositions, and sometimes that isn't a good thing, but it all worked out swimmingly this time around. 

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