Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Trip Part 1

Goderich, ON - Muskegon, MI
517 km
$19.40 in gas for 6.3 gallons
$3.50 in tolls and $50.00 for hotel

We wheeled out of Goderich at 1:30 in the afternoon.

Beautiful, sunny, and warm weather met Darin Culbert and me for the entire day.  This included to Hwy. 21 south, then on M25 north, we crossed the state on M46 west, and meandered to Muskegon by 8:00.  We really got hung up at the boarder.  I don’t know why.  We crossed in less then a few minutes after answering the standard silly questions.  Everyone else in front of us weren't so lucky.

Anyway the weather for September 26th couldn’t have been better.  The temperature was well over 25 for the entire ride, and it didn’t really cool down that much after the sun set. Yes, we did arrive in the dark to the hotel which isn’t really a great idea, but we got to a decent Comfort Inn.

There wasn’t anything too epic to report.  Michigan road 46 was very busy with agriculture.  It was nothing unlike anything one would see this time of year in Huron County.  The fellers were hard at the beans.  Lots of combines were going and filling up the wagons.  The corn looked a few weeks past what it does at home.  In the first half of the state it seemed much browner, shorter, and wilted.  Although the further west, it was still quite green and tall. 

The further west we got, the more signs of deer we saw.  Lots of gas stations had bait for sale including huge bags of corn, carrots and apples.  All of the liquor stores had neon orange “Busch” signs indicating, “Hunters Here”.  The other thing I noticed is that a lot of fields were lined with huge fencing, probably 10 feet high or more that would no doubt corral the deer within.  The fencing was posted with signs such as no spotlight shining, and no trespassing.  I don’t know the exact particulars, but it seems like caged hunting.  But on a plus side it does prevent deer from crossing the road ways which minimizes collisions.

Darin and I ate at a place which was only a few hundred metres from the comfort of our Comfort Inn.  I knew Darin was very tired.  He had been up since 12:30 am on Saturday morning.  He of course is the owner of Culbert’s Bakery.  Donuts and bread don’t cook themselves I suppose.  So it must have felt like quite the long day.

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