Thursday, October 8, 2015

Family Trip to Atlanta

Going back to where some adventures started from 1999 - 2002.
We actually made it to the airport past Cincinnati which is in Kentucky.  We left Goderich full of energy by 11:30, and zipped over the bridge in Port Huron, ripped through Detroit, and scooted along I-75 south. 

Shelly drove the first 400km.  She had never done such driving, in such traffic, or under those conditions.  All in all it wasn’t a big deal, but she quite often needed reinforcement, or a plan of attack to get through the different sections of the road.  I am not sure if she would have made it without someone else around.  But now it is done, each other time gets easier.

All through Ohio the conditions of the road wasn’t that great.  There was lots of construction, and enough traffic.  Notwithstanding there isn’t really too much to look at in terms of scenery or points of interest.  Lots of high school football teams were at practice, and the Bowling Green Falcons were running drills too. 

We stopped for dinner at a Bob Evans.  Got some gas there too, and continued on another 90 minutes.  We were in the car and on the road for about 8.5 hours and got 640 km.  Walter slept for 6.5 hours and hardly fussed whilst awake.  Molly was up for most of it and had a few pockets of silliness and restlessness.  We had a video system, but it was only on for about 45 minutes in all.  Molly is like Shelly; she’d rather talk.

There were no shortage of places to sleep at.  For whatever reason - well my decision, we stopped at a Super 8.  It was more like Super Shi-8.  “Smoking or Non Smoking room”, was the first question posed from the receptionist...  That just sort of lays the foundation for the type of facility.  It was right beside the interstate so it was kind of noisy.  The television didn’t work, and for the first 55 minutes in the room Molly was an animal.  Wally was in no mood for sleeping because of the rest he got all day.  Shelly and I were tired of course because it had been a long enough day....  So the first section of driving was awesome, and the night was sorting itself to be not so good.

As it was the kids settled and found their groove, it was about 10:00 at night, and the noise subsided quite a lot from the highway.  I slept all the way until 7:00 uninterrupted, and so did everyone else.

The rate on the room also provided a continental breakfast.  It was not terrible, it was not great.  I ate none of it.  Packed and on the road by 8:30.

Kentucky is a much more picturesque state to travel through.  There are large areas of deciduous trees, bits of valleys, and fog which hugs the bottom of the sky and tops of the trees.  It isn’t that long of a state to drive through either.  It is only about 3 hours from top to bottom.  There were plenty of spots along the way for gas and food, but feeling fine we galloped through the bluegrass area.  It rained through most of the drive. 


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