Thursday, September 17, 2015

Off To Ottawa

I was given the green light to hit the road early - I pounced.  I put in 155km.  Leg 1 of the journey was complete.

Earlier in the week I organized a bit of a road trip to Ottawa.  It would be a Monday to Thursday trip and I would hit up my good buddy Scott Cook.  I tried to get Drew Barisdale to come too, but that wasn’t going to happen.  So it was a solo trip.

I ended up leaving on Sunday afternoon and took 150 or so km out of the trip and stopped in Guelph.  The first order of business was a 50 minute run.  Rich had waited, and since he has a fall marathon to do in a few weeks, he was looking forward to the company.

So Guelph was an awesome visit of course.  A good scoff to eat and plenty of drink.  It was great getting caught up with the kids and all of their excitement.  Rich is also on a deferred salary leave this year and has quite an itinerary planned of travel and exploitationing.

We ran again Monday morning, and I was back out on the road by 10:00 am to get to the nation's capital.

On Monday morning, after a run and another decent scoff of course, I hit the road north to Orangeville and I traveled to Ottawa.  It was a 500km day on highways 9, and 7, and of course plenty of county roads.  One of the highlights was traveling north past New Market, then getting to Uxbridge and Port Perry.  From there I basically got to Peterborough and then to Perth.  In Perth I cut down to Smiths Falls.  The final 120km or so was met with a bit more commuter traffic leaving Ottawa, but I had no issues at all. 

I touched down in Ottawa at about 5:00 and it wasn’t but 5:15 that Scott was home from his obligations at work.  It didn’t take too long to say our hellos and get quickly caught up with our events and news from the past 2 years - all is the same, but nothing is the same. 

The rest of the night would include some eats, drinks, and watching some football.  I also insisted we’d play a few games of cribbage, as it was Scott and Drew Barisdale who first taught me to play back at 950 California.  There was also mapping out a plan of attack for the next few days.  We put air in some bike tires, my new mode of transportation, and got a good visual idea of the city and where the next few days would take me.

Molly had her first few days of school and everything was good with that too.  She went to the Western Fair actually with my mom, John and her cousin Darby = She had a wonderful time at it, and telling me about it that night on the telephone.

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