Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fumbling Around - Day 1 of Sabbatical

I just had to reread my blog to see where I have left off.  It has been too long.  Where I am at is saying stuff the mid life crisis guitar, I am getting a 250 2 stroke.  The Walton racing has left an impression on me; and I already have a few guitars - maybe a new dirt bike is the ticket.  So I hit the road up to a place outside of Wingham, ON and spied a KTM SX 250.  It is a 2007 and it has been the owner's bike for the past few years.  So he said that this one was definitely the one I needed - and he knows/noticed I road my 990 Adventure up to his shop.  So - ya....  I should pull the trigger.  I would ride nice, but most importantly look rad in the garage beside my other one.

Well I certainly won't be posting daily updates on the whereabouts and happenings of this year off, but undoubtedly there will be some good content and excitement worked up.  I don't have anything officially planned until the end-ish of September.  Maybe something next week?  Maybe not.  I will post though.

Anyway Molly is enrolled in school and had an orientation/meet the creature session today.  It was only for 10 minutes, but I seemed to catch-up with the teacher and her kids and their adventures rather than discussing the finer things about junior kindergarten at GPS - hey, it had been quite awhile since I had talked to her and wanted to catch up.  Regardless Molly's first day is Friday.  She will be in for a bit of a shock, but will otherwise make it fine I am sure.

Lots and lots of swimming and beaching it lately.  No pictures to show for it.  But the water has been very nice and it is just a great way to spend a few hours.

Shelly and I hit up Brittany's wedding about 3 weeks ago - and again no pictures to show for it.  It was a nice event and an even better after party and reception that followed.  I always seem to say that the best wedding I have ever been too was the last one I was at.  And it is true for the most part.  I had a blast, blast at Rick and Caroline's last summer, the Halifax wedding this summer was superb, but Brittany's was really nice and will stand out until the next one I suppose.  A few pictures would have been nice.....

And around here I have been putting the final touches on a deck I built/refurbished.  I kept the frame and perimetre of a deck outside of the main bedroom.  But it needed a new surface and stairs.  So slowly I pieced it together and got a neighbour, who is has a metal/blacksmithing shop, to make the railings.  it has come together wonderfully actually.  Much better that I thought.

We had a hugely successful Labour Day parade in Goderich that I helped organize.  I would say there were about 150 people who marched one lap of the square.  It was mostly union labour people - which is quite a shame really.  Hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of people watched us, and the fact is labour day is for those hundreds of people - All workers.  Anybody who works is labour.  So the problem as I see it is trying to get the self employed, the white collar, the farmers, the everyone who works - Because everyone works and Labour Day is for all workers, not just the unionized.  However....  We had a BBQ afterward and cooked up some hotdogs and some speeches were made.  It was good.

  And in the last week or so we had some guests to the Coachhouse.  The Kiteleys, Richy Tremain, and the Beaslys were buy for some dinner and whatnot.  A good time was had by all.

I also was a delegate for the Avon Maitland Elementary Teacher's Local at ETFO's yearly annual meeting.  Lots of parliamentary privileges, procedures, orders, actions and all of that.  We hold 6 seats out of 630 or so in the province.  We are a small, but an influential delegation I like to think.  It is a good time - but a different good time than the one I had with my buddies visiting.

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