Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Molly and I took a quick trip to Windsor a few days ago.  As soon as I finished my 10km portion of the Goderich Triathlon, we got in the truck and headed for familiar territory of yester-year.  It was off to LaSalle, actually, the infamous Andy Hahn, and his lovely and expanding family, would be awaiting our arrival.

Windsor was hot.  The temperature was well in the high 20s.  The summer swelter was happening.  That didn't stop us however.  On Day 1 these 5 monkeys loaded up the bikes, the gym bags full of diapers and snacks and water, and we headed on quite the adventure.  Our final destination was a few hundred metres from the Casino were there is quite the playground facility.  We would join the many like minded mothers and fathers who had kids, and daylight to burn, and occupy our kids attention with swings, slides, monkey bars, tag, and climbing.  It is mostly salvation - these playground equipment facilities.
Later on in the day Molly and I drove over to our former neighbour Brad's house on Parent.  It was a year ago that Brad moved to Windsor, and he has been immeasurably missed ever since.  But Brad has landed on his feet and is in a very good place all in all.  I can't speak for Molly, but I was incredibly happy to see him and his fine additions to his house.

On Tuesday our quintet, turned into a sextet.  Katie joined us for another bicycle tour into Malden Park for another outing.

The weather continued to be fantastic, and the added company was certainly welcome.  Malden Park has changed quite a bit since the mid 90s.   I have a 3rd place  OUAA XC finish around its perimetre from 1997, I think, and you wouldn't think it is the same place.  But it is, and I was glad to check it out for nostalgic purposes. 
Well Windsor is just such a great, great place to get to.  The city and its trails are very user friendly.... The weather is generally very nice....  There are lots of great people who live there - Shelly also went to school in Windsor.  Hopefully we'll be back for the University's 50 year anniversary festivities in September.

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