Wednesday, August 21, 2013


August started - I attended the ETFO Annual General Meeting in Toronto just after the Civic holiday weekend.  I had never been in such a formal, parliamentary meeting system.  It was quite an eye opener.  There were lots of points of orders, points of privileges, amendments (some friendly), passing, movers, seconders, and the like.  Robert's Rules of Order were in full swing.  Avon Maitland generates 6 delegates, and there were just under 600 delegates in all.  So, obviously, a small, tiny portion.  However, we got our vote just as everyone else did.  Democracy was in full swing.
For most of the attendees it is like a huge reunion and homecoming - other than the decisions to be made and whatnot.  It somewhat seems like it is the same group of people, and the same familiar faces who speak and are heard.  I just sort of took it all in and sussed out what was happening.  Also, you have to pay attention because things can move rather quickly.....  Many issues get dragged out.
Security is humourously tight at this event...  No spies allowed.  Credentials must always be in plain sight.

Each night there was lots, and I mean lots of revelry.  Stands to figure since these are a big homecoming affair.  I recognized a slight few people, but those who I was with recognized many people from across the province because of this connection to labour and ETFO's federation.
I would go back again if I was chosen.  It was quite busy.  There was very little down time.  I did manage to get out for some out and back runs and a decent walk on Wednesday.  I got a chance to spend some time with colleagues that I know, but not that well.  It was nice to get to know them a bit better and find out that we had some common interests other than work and being at an A.G.M.
Who knows - maybe in 20 years I'll be the president of ETFO in Ontario!  Unlikely....

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