Monday, August 26, 2013

Blue Rodeo

I'll put up the posting now, but with at least one picture to come later....  Basically Shelly and I went up to Lucknow last Friday and saw Blue Rodeo.  They were awesome!  The show was a big hit...  The venue was great.  They played most of the hits like What Am I Doing here, Lost Together, Bad Timing, 5 Days In May, and the like...  So a great time. 

But before it was a great show, before they went on stage, Shelly and I were backstage for a meet and greet/photograph with Keelor, Cuddy, and the rest of the lads.  All in all it was mostly anti-climatic because a handler of the band just shuffled people in, had a picture, and then hustled them out of the way.  (The photo will be posted when we get it....)  There were only about 30 people or so who had that opportunity.  Seeing that there was 5,000 people at the show, the fact that we had that opportunity was what was neat about it.  Other than that it wasn't a big deal or anything.  I would have really like to talk with the keyboardist after the show - Michael Boguski (I think I have that correct.)  I was extremely impressed with his compliment to the show that night.  He stood out to me.  I would have told him how much I enjoyed listening to his contributions towards the show.

Before the show Shelly and I stopped out at Joel's parents place for a few cold ones and a look-see around.  Sally has the grounds in spectacular condition.  We always seem to get into quite the adventure out there, but this time, it was a bit tame.  No big deal.

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