Sunday, August 4, 2013

Part 2

The Mackinaw adventure sort of fizzled out with rain and poorer weather...  There was a splash pad in the hotel which occupied Molly's attention satisfactorily, and Shelly got busy walking about the stores and shops.  But it was time to continue on.  We would definitely consider another return trip to the area.

On Sunday afternoon we drove north.  Ontario was only 90 km away.  And our destination past the border crossing was only another 275 km.  So being packed up, there was no time like the present to hit the road again.  Across the Mackinaw Bridge, and again finishing off I-75's tarmac north, we were no time getting to the Soo.

The day's ultimate destination was 52 km north of Massey, ON.  Whiskey Lake is the official title of the camp were we were going to spend the next 5 days.  I have been there twice before = it is a fine place.

Each day was a bit different, but really this part was totally relaxing and we just spent the days laz'n around, being at the water, playing in the sand, a few boat rides, some fires at night, and things of that nature.  Off and on the weather wasn't super terrific, but it didn't confine us to our cabin continually either.  The water was pretty warm and we all went swimming, and there was a few fishing opportunities scattered through the week too.  I went wild raspberry picking, which hardly seems sexy, but it was a good outing knowing that the berries were scoffed down and enjoyed by Molly and Shelly.

Shelly went out fishing to a bit of a secluded lake.  On the way there the party saw a black bear high-tail it across the road just a few metres in front of them on its hind two legs.  I found that to be odd....  Rather then running on all 4s.  However I was assured that it was a black bear.  They caught a few fish and had a good time.

Another good highlight was taking a boat ride to an area of the lake nicknamed "The Falls".  Why?  Obviously there is a pretty good waterfall area that is fun to swim in and hang out at.

Overall we really didn't do a good job at taking pictures and capturing the moments.  

The mosquitoes and flying bugs were rather bad up there.  It seemed like Molly took the worst of it.  Her face looked like she had just gotten over the chicken pox.  But we all had a number of itchier areas that got our attention.

But by Thursday/Thursday night we were really looking forward to getting back home.  We left on Friday morning and headed to Lake Huron's finest ferry, "The Chi-cheemon".  We arrived plenty early for our 1:30 sailing, poked around South Baymouth, had a bite to eat, and were just waiting for the last leg of the journey to begin.  The boat was pretty full.  It holds 150 cars and 600 passengers.  Since it was a holiday weekend, I can tell you that it was pretty much full to capacity.  There is a kids area on the boat.  But much like most of the trip, Molly was quite clingy, and content to squirm around mom and dad's legs, rather than mingle and socialize, or just enjoy her own time in the child friendly area.

Boat hit Tobermory by 3:30.  In Goderich by 6:30 with lots of rain.

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