Saturday, August 3, 2013

I just wanted to write a few things down about having my sister and her family come and visit for the better part of three weeks in July = It was nice to see all of them and notice the changes in growth and disposition that has happened since X-Mas???  or from last year....  I think it was last year.

At any rate - there was lots of picture taking and noteworthy moments.  I didn't quite get that shot which sums up the trip, but when you piece them all together, from all of the different cameras, it would show time at the beach, a few bbqs, a beer tent evening, a night out for dinner at The Crapdelight (Candlelight = the food, and atmosphere was awful - zero stars, company was fine), some more family dinners, a bit of a music/jam session, a walk or two around the square, and stuff like that.
Shelly, Molly and I have to get down to Atlanta for a visit...  It is a city that I have a good connection with on a few different personal levels.  Heck, I worked and lived there from 1999 - 2002, I still have a few friends in the city, plus, and finally, Marsha and her family are there and have extended an invitation for a visit. 

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  1. Your Mom and Marsha are looking great! Can't believe you left ATL in 2002! Feeling old buddy!


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