Saturday, July 14, 2012

Shoot'n, Ride'n, Frog'n

Trevor and I hit up Drew's (Anderson) for a bit of plink'n with the 22 calibre.  Nothing is in season other then the six beer cans we threw out in the field and the steel targets...  Shooting a twenty two must be the cheapest form of shooting a feller can do - other then using a Red Rider BB gun or a pellet gun....  So that was fun for an hour or so in the hot July sun.

We also had the shot gun and a box of skeet - I don't know what excuse to use... 
  1. It was terribly hot
  2. The sun was in our eyes
  3. The barrel is warped
  4. The throwing was bad
  5. It was windy
  6. Etcetera...
But I/we missed 45 of the 60 shots taken.  I couldn't hit anything!  Trevor at least had a decent excuse in that it was his first time shooting skeet from a thrower - But me - I am just plain horrendous with a gun it seems.  Maybe that is a good thing if you are a duck, deer, or turkey. 

Cole, Grayson and I were out for a drive earlier today and came across these three cowboys.  They were wrestling and rounding up some cats in the barn, then some eggs out of the chicken coops.  We finally went on a frog herding expidition and caught some, but they were not suitable enough to eat, so we let them back into the pond.

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