Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Brothers Having Some Fun

Add Together
2 brothers
Pick Up Truck
Honda CF230
Yamaha YZ 250
Lots of Fun!

Trevor and I hit up the "Aeroport" today for a rip-a'round.  A few days ago I noted that I thought I could rangle up a few dirt bikes and came up with a red one and a blue one too.  (Thanks Darren and Andrew.)  The weather was great, and we made it through without and major problems or issues for the most part.

Since Trevor is around another week we may have to do it again...  Trevor is very capable on skis, and is pretty good on the bike as well.

Finally some motorcycling and action shots on the blog!

And I just checked - 9,988 viewers since inception = So two pictures of kids to get me over the top:

Cole on the Honda and Molly in the circle of neglect.

And holy crap!  July 10, 2010 = 2 year wedding anniversary!  I knew there was something I was supposed to do today - Happy anniversary Shelly. 

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