Monday, July 2, 2012

Hip Hip Hur-Ray! Summer Is Here

Molly, Shelly, Kites and Keya are all pretty excited that summer is here!
So school ended without any problems and the summer quickly began last Friday basically.  We had a house-full over for some eats including the lovely couples Kites & Keya, along with Steve and Hellen, as well as Guffer and Brad too. 

Then on Saturday we all poked around for a bit - had a great BBQ over at Don and Janet's house as is the Canada Day tradtion - Just Molly and I attended as Shelly went out on a panty raid bachelorette party with a few girls she works with.....  We all had our good times.

On Sunday I drove down to Windor with a load for Brad who is the city's newest resident.  That is going to be tough - losing Brad as a neighbour, however....  That is life.  Brad will do just fine down there and it isn't like I will never see him again.  All the best Brad!  He even has a Dominion House shirt on....  I told you he'll be fine.

Our backyard garden seems to be doing very well.  The vegetables seem to be coming up and the flowers have began quite a blossom.

My sister made it to Huron County a few days ago with her 2 kids....  My brother is on his way and will be here by late Wednesday night - So there promises to be a few extra pictures and stories to share.

The two EMs - Marsha & Molly

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