Friday, July 6, 2012

Gone Fish"n

So it is official - All of the Macaulay's are back in Goderich, well Trevor, Marsha, and their kids are anyway.  Marhsa arrived a week ago or so, and I picked up Trevor and the boys in London on Wednesday.  The last few days have gone by quickly, and maybe even a bit mancial.
We all got out fishing today for varrying lengths of time - It was a bit hot, a bit buggy, but the fish were liking the worms and our company.  It takes so much more time to bait the hooks then it does to catch the fish out at this pond.  The kids were all probably a bit young still to get-anything out of the day...  They all got a chance to reel in a few bass - Not too interested in taking them off however.
There were also a few good pictures from Thursday night....  It was a silly underware party for the kids from out of state and province.

So there will undoubtedly  be a lot more pictures and stories over the next week as everyone will be around.  I am sitting at 9,930 or so odd hits on the blog too - Getting to 10k by the end of the month should be no problem - And a pretty cool milestone as well.

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