Monday, July 23, 2012

Just Hanging Out

When you can't think of anything creative, you think of stuff that barely makes any sense...  I can't think of any creative title, and we aren't exactly "just hanging out", but it'll do.
So this great looking gal and I headed out on Saturday to a wedding.  We definitely learned our lesson from the wedding we went to in June = Leave the squawking kid at home.  Molly was boarded up at Larry and Diane's house, so we didn't have her to wrestle with this time.  Sorry Molly, but you don't quite have a suitable disposition for weddings yet.... However, we did squeeze out a photo of us together just before we left.
On Friday night Beaser, Kites, Tremain, Kites's buddy Darren, and I skipped over to Buffalo for a race.  It was a 4 Miler through an area of town known as Allentown.  It was a great spot actually and the festivities and race were excellent.  The accommodations, not so much.  Richy, Beaser, and I had this pitiful room with only a double bed, and not much else.  There was nooooo way the three of us were going to sleep together on this:
So over the years I have become a bit of a hotel snob - I came to this conclusion on the trip of 2010 - realizing (within reason) that no amount of $ is unreasonable for a suitable place to sleep.  So if a room is $269 a night, well, so-be-it...  That is life.  The alternative is this crap as you can see above, or it is in the back of a truck or worse off, camping in the rain and being all wet and stuff.  It was the worst hotel in the United States - so said the reviews on, and they weren't too off.  We paid $135 after taxes.  What a rip-off.  Hotel Lenox, I'll never be back!  The long and short of the story is that the 3 of us traded room with Kites and his buddy as they had a king sized bed.  Two were in the bed and one got the floor - I'll leave you all to decide between Richy, Beaser, and I who was where in the sleeping arrangements for the evening.  Kites and his friend must have been comfy in their twin!

But you can't, nor shouldn't be left with a blog posting regarding which dude slept with which dude in some skanky hotel in Buffalo, so it is back to the good looking couple who posed like animals at a zoo for some glamour shots this past Saturday.

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