Saturday, March 31, 2012

All the Girls Out

To start the week, Shelly met up with a few of the girls on my side of the family for lunch.  The matriarch Donna Young, cousin Amanda and her daughter Arlen, as well as cousin Alecia too.  They had a great scoff and passed stories around about raising kids and such.  And to think there were many girls from this clan missing...  (Tiffany and her daughter, Marsha and hers, Alecia's daughter Kayla, and Tamara and her new daughter who was born a few weeks ago.  That is a lot of girls.)
Molly and her cousin Erin were on a car ride the other day to continue the girl theme.  They were both well behaved as the picture indicates.  Apparently though they fussed quite loudly for the last 20 minutes of their adventure.  Nevertheless, they are great travel companions and will see a lot of one another in the future.
The one other love of Shelly's is of course her stupid cat Mango.  I generally edit the pictures and clear them off the card and there always seems to be a few of the feline.  Mango enjoys laying in the sun at the back door, contributing not too much to the usefullness of the household.  At any rate the house would seem strange without its stinkiness and noises - the way it craps outside of the litterbox is particularily amusing.  Here is to Mango:

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