Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Knight Out

80 extra pounds of fun - That is what I figure this homemade chain mail, armour, and helmet weighed.  I didn't bother putting on the shoulder protection....

Shelly and I, along with 8 others from Brookside, went to the first annual Medieval Dinner in Holmesville on Friday night.  It was a dinner theatre night sponsored and created by The Foundation for Education Perth Huron (  Costumes were optional, but not for Shelly and me!

About 5 years ago Drew Anderson made this suit of armour I am wearing.  It is incredible!  Hand linked chain mail for starters.  The torso piece must have over 10,000 links about 2 cm in diametre.  The leg pieces are divided in two; the top and bottom pieces.  Then he has gloves too that are gauntlet style naturally.  And the helmet is also hand made.  One needs to wear a toque under it because it is quite hard, and gets very heavy.  Way to go Drew!  Everyone was raving about it. 

Shelly looked equally great.  She found a bathrobe, of all things, that would easily be accessorized with a few odds and ends from the DollarRama store in town.  A crown and a few tassels easily made her look like the princess that she is.

We had a great time interacting with the principal actors, musicians, and magician of the show.  We knew most of them and they were really glad we came to support their foundation.

I recognize this fool!  Great job as a minstral Craig.
And Molly during all of this - She stayed at home with a feller who probably hasn't reared a child since the Montreal Olympics - But apparently they both did extremely well with one another. 

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