Monday, April 2, 2012

More Fine Folks

These recognizable folks, the Wrights, stopped by on Sunday afternoon for a hello.  The boys helped me get a bike together, then helped Shelly with Molly as you can see.  Eamon, Cohen, and Trista of course - there have been many of pictures of them on the blog over the year.  Good to see you guys again.

If you have some time on the computer over the next few weeks I recommend you check out my friend's blog.  His name is Brian Prout and he is over in Europe for a three week holiday and is posting his sights and adventures.

He writes very well.  The last trip he was on he kept a journal recording the sights and historical events about the places he visited in Germany and the eastern bloc countries.  He is there again now, and promises to have daily reports.  Safe travels Brian!

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