Monday, March 5, 2012

Another Long-ish Hiatus

Any story or significant event has kind of slipped my mind since Valentine's - No matter.  It has basically been business as usual.  Shelly and I are figuring out the finer points of child rearing on a mostly trial and error basis.  That is not to say we haven't listened or got lots of advice from friends and books which we have used - but mostly we are just sussing things out based on feel and intuition.  Obviously it has worked okay at times, and not okay at other times....

At any rate, Shelly & Molly generally have great days filled with other moms and kids through the week.  There is no shortage of activites and groups to get oneself involved in, in our fair town.  A few of Molly's close friends even popped by for a visit the other day.  You may recognize them as Desmond and Darby.
So Molly is getting bigger and has hammered through her pre-9lb items of clothing.  Day by day she gets more alert - So much so that she makes strange with everyone, mostly, other then Shelly or me.  When she realizes that she isn't being held by either of us, which doesn't take long, she turns lobster red and wails!  It is probably just a faze.  Unsurprisingly that fine fellow Joel continues to have a magic touch and she is quite relaxed in his capable arms.  (Or else Molly just spied his long locks and thought it was me?)

And I know I would get a talking to if I didn't include this picture of my grandmother Donna, my mom Connie and myself with Molly from mid-February...

So yes, it is crazy how this journal has changed so much in so little time - I miss the motorcycle adventure(s) of Sept. 2010 and the skiing posts from Rossland last year - However I couldn't be happier, and I know there will be more accounts of things other than baby pictures and such in the future.   

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