Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Steel Cage

No, Molly isn't in prison, but her new home for the time being is in a very industrious, stockade like steel crib.  She finds the accomodations quite suitable - judging by her total hours of sleeping per day that is.  Life seems rather easy for this young lass.

Her feeding tube has been out completely for the past few days.  All sources of caloric intake are "au-natural".  She gives one nipple a go for a bit - and finishes off with another via the bottle.  As picture indicates, I take the secondary feeding to top up.  My genetic disposition dictates it is impossible to take the primary feed.

So Molly has been in the section of the NICU which is closest to the exit.  There are 3 sections, labelled A, B, & C - she is in the "C" unit in a solitary room with a comfortable couch.  The one drawback is that there is a meager view out of its large picture windows.  Nevertheless it is closest to the door as indicated, and it gets a good deal of morning sunshine.
We have gotten many nice gifts and notes of congratulations lately.  I haven't opened anything that has arrived in Goderich.  Shelly however has received a few things in London.  Larry and Diane Grail sent a terrific outfit consisting of a poncho for our little chica - I will get a photo.  And we got a very creative homemade card made by Shelly's cousins Mark, Jen, & their 3 boys from Toronto.  It was very well done and I will use this idea in class around Mother's Day.  Thanks guys - level 4!

There is a big move coming....  My paternal senses feel it.  When?  Sooner rather then later.  All is going very well in London and it faintly seems reasonable the girls should stay much longer. 

Notice and compare Shelly's card making skills to those of her cousins who made the card shown above....  They are in Kindergarten, the first and second grades.  Shelly is a few years removed.....  Thanks anyway my sweet baby - level 1!  I love you too.

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