Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's A Girl!

Molly Macaulay - born on Thursday November 3. 

Though it may not look like it, all is going pretty well with Molly.  Her first 48 hours or so has been a bit rough (as picture indicates...), but soon enough she'll be on the go......  Dad, well, that is another story:

Mom hasn't yet struck a pose for the camera and I can scarcely blame her...  She looks and feels more tired than Molly and me combined - And those are pictures of two very tired people!

In anticipation and maybe boredom, Shelly started to dabble in crochetting and she really wanted me to post a picture of her first creation.  She thought it would make a good saddle blanket for Mango, the cat, who you shouldn't confuse with Molly despite the similar likenesses....

At any rate, times are changing around here and the two of us couldn't be happier.  Molly arrived about a month early - maybe only 3 weeks....  She is in a neonatal intensive care unit where she has some recovery to go through and get a bit stronger.  And for the staticians, she is currently about 5lbs in weight, 46cm long, and her head is 33cm in circumference....  I think anyway.  I took a quick glance at the charts and if my memory serves me correctly those are the digits we are working with.  So a pretty good start if I may say so myself.

Way to go Shelly!  I love both you and Molly so much....

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