Monday, November 21, 2011

Lots To Lead With

I was in London, of course, this weekend and spent it with the two girls.  So there are lots of pictures and plenty of stories....  All is going quite well.

Santa was in the NICU for a visit with one of his trusty elves.  The only difference one would notice is that he wore white surgical/disposable gloves rather then white cotton ones.  Other then that all appeared normal; lots of Ho Ho Ho'n, jolly laugh'n, gift give'n, and bell jingle'n.  He assured us Molly has been very well behaved this year and she is, infact, on the "Nice" side of his T-Chart.  That is good because Shelly and I aren't around 24/7 to monitor her conduct.

And one more which may become a tradition.  See you next year Santa, but not in the NICU!

Molly's stitches are out, but she is far from healed.  It also doesn't diminish the sensitivity around the area...  It probably hightens it.....  However she has been cleared for "pick-up" and Shelly, deservedly so, got her right into her arms as soon as possible for a bit of a squeeze.  I had a go kangaroo style....
That is the basic turn of events from this weekend - This ain't no adventure'n motorcycle'n or down hill ski'n blog lately = This is my new reality.  No information about having the girls back to Goderich - Still around the second week of December perhaps?  But nothing has been indicated.

She is still in the five pound something weight classification.  Molly has a lot of long, skinny features such as her face for sure.  Her arms and legs are also quite long and lean.  This weekend was really the first time we have got a good look at her because we can pick her up. 

Enjoy a few more photos:

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  1. Hello beautiful Molly!!! So excited to see you! Can't wait until the rest of us get to pick you up too!!! Huge hugs to all of you.


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