Saturday, December 3, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I have written a few good "returning home" posts...  The first was in September of 2010 after the 23 day motorcycle adventure which took 8000km, 5 provinces, 3 states....  Awesome trip.   Then it was March of 2011 when I returned from my 80 day, two and a half month, down hill ski, hockey, and brother visiting trip out to Rossland, BC.  Another terrific adventure....

But this time I am happy to write about Shelly's return home.  She was gone for about 35 days in London... Her and Molly arrived home Wednesday at nine o'clock.  There is no place like it = home.

So yes, the brass at the hospital seemed to think that Molly was good to go.  I had about 24 hours notice...  So that ment a lot of last minute scrambling to organize, set up, put away, and get my head around the idea of the girls return.  It wasn't too much of a big deal after all. 

The big surprise here was the overall revitalization of the house.  That included painting mostly everything, new furniture, and new rugs.  I got a new furnace, hot water heater and central air.  There was the gas dryer in the basement that needed to get hooked up - so that was done too.  Three guitars and the ukelele got hung on the wall and I moved the piano, amp, and micro-phone too.  The aquarium is gone....  I got the ducts all blown out and cleaned....  Washed curtains, scrubbed the floors, painted all of the cupboards......  The only thing that is the same is the cat is still here.  There was quite a bit of stuff done while Shelly was away.  She was pretty surprised when she returned home. 

And for the truth - My mom and John did quite a bit of it all...  Quite a bit....

So anyway - the first few nights are under our belts.  The weekend has been going well.  There has been plenty of visitors stopping in and saying welcome back....  Molly is decently adjusted as far as I can tell.  No big meltdowns or moments of insanity.  She either wants something to eat, to sleep, to be changed, or to be held.  That is pretty much it so far.

So most of the immediate family members have had a visit, hold, and a picture.

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