Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Face To The Name

Last week that really wasn't a picture of Molly - It was the cat, Mango...  I doubt I fooled too many people.  But Molly did strike a pose this weekend.  She has many, many less tubes and hoses in and out of this and that on her body; thus making her a bit more photogenic.  All day I said to Shelly we have got to get our picture taken, but the day just sort of escaped us.  Oh well.

Her backside is healing up quite nicely I suppose.  It is hard to describe the extent of what she has went through - the inseams of her legs and buttocks are heavily stitched.  There is a big incision across her lower back which is heavily bandaged.  All in all it isn't terrible however.  There should be no issues with muscle problems or movement of the legs and such later.  She is breathing and going to the washroom like a champ.  She is still fed through a tube, but I bet sometime this week that'll change.  She seems rather big at 5.5 lbs and probably a bit over 46 cm long...  Not too shabby for someone who had a four pound lump hacked off on November 4th and about a month premature.  Way to go Molly!

Dad couldn't be happier:


  1. She's gorgeous!!!! So glad to finally see a picutre of her and she looks like she's healing up great! Love Aunt Marsha xx

  2. What a cutie - Shelly thought she looked like Ewan on the 3D ultrasound but now that I see here with the red hair...oh my what a resemblance. Can't wait to meet her. Hugs from all of us. Aunt Cheryl, Uncle Lyndon, cousin's Ewan and Ainslie.


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