Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ye Ole' Nag

The horse of course:

Shelly, her mother, and Lucky struck a pose so fashionably on Thanksgiving Monday.  All three were knawing on fresh Macintosh apples, picked right off of the tree over yonder, and enjoying the seasonably warm autumn day.  The temp reached the mid 20s, centigrade, and all three were pretty darn happy about that.

There has been enough to write about, but just haven't got to it.  There is a few things to mention.....

I got in two so-so races in the past few weeks.  A 5km in 16:15 at Thames Valley Golf Course, and a 10km in Stratford in 32:39.  They were a bit off the mark which I was hoping, and thinking.  But there is nothing I can do about it now.....  I have a 10km this weekend in Grand Bend.  I am going after sub 32:10!  For sure sub 32:10.  That will set the tone for the next few races to finish off the fall.  I am almost positive I am cabable of that.  After that is settled - half marathon in Niagara Falls in 68 minutes.  Nothing great, but for an old guy it is okay.  That will be on the weekend of October 23rd.

And on the running note, my trusty Windsor Lancer XC Team donated $200.00 to the Town of Goderich and its Tornado Relief Fund.  Thanks guys and gals.
I started this blog highlighting my motorcycle trip last year, and I have been out ripping around quite a bit on it over the last while.  No epic pictures like last year, but a self portrait nonetheless.  A few more rides and it will be time to put it away until spring.
This past weekend was absolutely terrific.  The weather highlighted most of it...  However.....
  1. Got in a great some great runs all weekend.
  2. Played hockey on Sunday in Blyth
  3. Went out to Joel's parents for a great scoff and visits on Sunday
  4. Great family meals on Saturday and Sunday as well
  5. Cut lots of grass and Lucky's hooves again
  6. Out for a quick spin on the motorbike
  7. Greased a few geese on Friday night with Larry - Turkey hunting starts this week!
Shelly and I posed for a few pictures:  Brown plaid appears to be an "it" colour for us.

So there is lots going on, I have reported little....  Shelly wanted to include a quick picture of her 3 favourite animals:  So in no particular order....

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