Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just a few quick words and updates...

Shelly is doing great!  I do, but I also don't really have any pictures of her budding belly.  She just is at, or may be a few days over 5 months pregnant.  I will have to get some pictures up though.  She looks terrificly pregnant.

The Tremains were in town for a few days of action.  Rich helped me out a great deal out at the farm.  We just picked up scrap metal laying around and garbage.  Poor guy; he was out for 15 minutes and his work boot blew apart, and then his pants ripped something terrible.  I warned him it was horrific work. 

Teresa and the kids enjoyed the beach, and a few rides around the town in a cop car while Rich worked with me.  Beaser came by to show the kids how the lights and sirens worked.  I thought it was rather unfortunate he didn't show them how the gun fired or the handcuffs locked....  Nevertheless.  We all had a blast hanging out.  We threw in a few runs, a great BBQ, some drinks and a game of Trivial Persuit too.  What a great time!  (And some Windsor boys were around too to enjoy said activites = Gary, Sinclair, Weston, Dalton and Guffer.)

Beaser and I hit up the Shore to Shore Road Race this past Monday.  It goes from Oliphant to Wiarton.  It is 8 miles long, over rolling terrain, and it was dam hot.  I got the win in 44:30 and I was really pleased.  I kept a steady and consistent pace, felt great, and had lots left over.  So the running and training has been going soooo well.  I had a great July of running and I hope to keep the momentum going throughout August and the fall. 

I just have to mention one last thing.  Jeff Thuss has been out helping at the farm at an incredible rate.  He fears no amount of work or labour.  He digs out tires, collects scrap steel, and loads and unloads wheels feverishly.  Jeff - thanks a ton for all of your hard work as of late.

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