Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So all in all Shelly and I have weathered Sunday's storm without any damage to the house or yard.  Neighbours down the street have a window out here and there, and there are a few big trees down, but we were all very lucky on Quebec Street.  I picked up one fallen limb from the property about 6 feet long and it had the diametre of my wrist....

The town is buzzing with the sounds of woodchippers, chainsaws, gas generators, and helicopters flying overhead.  One problem I notice is that people seem to be driving about, just being curious to see the damage.  On one hand, I can hardly blame them as it is really impressive to see.  But the added traffic on the roads is very congestive.  Police are firmly stationed at all major intersections and junctions to prevent people and cars from going into certain areas.

We are still without electricity, and hot water.  Our phone is working, but I don't have an answering machine hooked up to it.  I have had to throw out nearly everything from the fridge and freezer.  Not having hot water is probably the biggest inconvience.  Getting by without electricity isn't too terrible (in the summer at least).

So anyway - there are thousands of pictures out there, so a few more from me isn't going to tell any new story that hasn't been told. 

Although - I am just off to take a picture of a pretty impressive wood chipper that came to town.  1 million beavers wouldn't do what this sucker is capable of.  Check back.

But while all this was happening, like I said, Shelly and I were out fishing with Scott, Leanne, and their son Noah.  We caught and released plenty of fish and had a great time as usual.

And the biggest fish of the day went to....  you see it....  Yours Truly!

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