Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Wear The Pants In The Family.... They Just So Happen To Be My Wife's

Well - her's from high school anyway.  I was out at her parents last Monday and there were a few hundred bales of straw to throw.  I didn't have anything to wear so Shelly got out some of her best garments from high school.  They fit me just fine - The cows don't care what I look like in the barn.  So whatever.  It was pretty easy work, and I made it look good too.

I had Joel and Jeff help me out, and I can't forget Cohen either, to throw 600 or so tires at the dump.  Good riddance too!  We chucked them off on Saturday.  It was rather hot and dirty, again.  But it is a job for more then one and I am so thankful that I get at least one of their hands to help, so two is twice as nice.  Thanks boys!
Today was fun.  We went rat'n out at the Wrights - No, there weren't any real estate agents to chase.  You'll have to see the video.

So yes - We chased this sucker around for about 30 minutes before we isolated it in an area to pinch it up with the BBQ tongs.  Joel quarterbacked the raid and capture, I held it hostage temporarily - and the dog Boomer finished it off.  (It is a Jack Russel Terrier.)  Life on the farm can be cruel.  Although there is always something fun and interesting happening at the Wright's - which I have mentioned before.  Trista was happy we got it.  Sorry about your luck Templeton.
We finished off the day by going to see the big horses at work at the fairgrounds.  They certainly can pull and put and effort into a sleigh of weight.
I have taken about 25 pictures this week, and again none of Shelly and I or Shelly and the belly.  This week.  For sure.  Check back.

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